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Compare, contrast and evaluate the successful marketing between Coca-Cola and Pepsi
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Marketing is becoming one of the most crucial elements of success in most companies all over the world. According to the Charter Institute of Marketing (CIM, 2009), marketing can be described as "the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably". In terms of defining what makes marketing successful, CIM (2009) indicates that it could be rely on "what a company is going to produce; how much it is going to charge..." while Kotler and Keller (2012), two of the leading’s top academics on marketing, suggest that the strategic brand management which includes brand positioning, brand marketing, brand performance, to name a few, is one of the most distinctive elements for professional marketers to succeed in marketing. In this essay, the definition of success in marketing will be thought of as the implementation of brand marketing and the measure of brand performance. So as to demonstrate these features, this essay will compare, contrast and evaluate Coca-Cola and Pepsi based on this criteria.
Body Paragraph
1. The first main element to compare and contrast the success in marketing of Coca-Cola and Pepsi is the implementation of brand marketing including brand ranking, brand awareness and brand's consumer perception
a. Brand ranking via Forbes and Brandirectory: Coco-Cola has the higher positions both Forbes and Brandirecttory ranking with No.3 and No.8 respectively whereas Pepsi has the lower positions both of these ranking with No.27 for Forbes and No.38 for Brandirectory
It is suggested that Coca-Cola is possibly better recognized than Pepsi in many countries.
b. Brand Awareness through Facebook and Twitter.
It would seem that brand awareness of Cola-cola is more successful than Pepsi on social networks.
c. Ranking of Brand's consumer perception: Forbes (2012): Coca-Cola (No.29) & Pepsi (No.48)
This ranking tend to indicate that Coca-Cola are higher perceptible than Pepsi in many countries.
2. Another key element to compare and contrast the success in marketing of Coca-Cola and Pepsi is the measure of brand performance which consists of brand's sales performance, brand value, brand revenue and the number of products which are the billion dollar brands.
+In the UK, sales value of Coca-Cola grew only 0.8% and sales volume fell by 3.3%.However, Pepsi has a stronger performance "with value and volume sales increases of 7.4% and 10% respectively", Britvic (2013)
+However, in globe, the brand value and brand revenue of Coca-Cola and Pepsi are in line with the data of Forbes (2012) which has the value calculated in October 2012: Related to brand value, Coca-Cola costs $ 50.2 billion. Pepsi, on the other hand, is much lower with cost of $16.0 billion (Forbes, 2012). With regard to brand revenue, Pepsi costs $13.5 billion. On the contrary, Coca-Cola is nearly double with cost of $22.8 billion (Forbes, 2012).
Related to sales performance, it is clear that although Pepsi is more successful than Coca-Cola in the UK, Coca-Cola is much better than Pepsi in globe.
3. Finally, the successful marketing of Coca-Cola and Pepsi could be evaluated by the implementation of brand marketing and the measure of brand performance via 3 reasons
- Reason1: consumers' demand has been analyzed and managed by Coca-Cola "in order to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations". Coca-Cola chiefly did that, and more. "Perhaps this is why Coca-Cola has so effectively topped the list".(Bickle, 2011).
-Reason 2: the idea, Micheal 2012, that Coca-Cola has constantly assessed the responses of customers to find the customers perception towards its products. A high