Essay on Brand and Globalization

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Most people would consider the world we live in nowadays, almost perfect in some aspects that we have created. However, it wasn’t always like this. All of the nations around the world took time to develop and grow as individual nations connected to the rest of the world. One of the greatest contributions, which helped this growth and development, is globalization. Another key characteristic, which led to this progression, is environment, which also helped the spread of globalization. Globalization involves many different fragments, which make up different things. These different parts include communication, trade, and different styles of advertisement. For communication, we have developed so well that when we think back it seems impossible to live with the communication methods they used before. However, when we hear communication we think about technology, which is a huge base for communication. I believe, however, that technology has made society, as a whole, better in many different ways and it definitely made a large part of people’s every day lives faster and easier especially in terms of communication. For instance, today we can see and speak to a family member or a friend who you haven’t seen for 20 years, who lives on the other side of the world, face to face through video chat. Advertisement is also a huge part of globalization, and especially one form of advertisement in particular; Nowadays logos are basically on everything we have, use or wear. Logos basically make up brand names. For some this has come to a major issue. Now since everyone wears a certain brand name, others want to fit in as well, by wearing or using the same brand. To market this sort of psychological cycle, companies put their brand names, usually in big and visible letters, posted on all of their products so people would see it and buy similar things from the same brand. This could be good in a way, to think that now everyone has a way of feeling good about themselves, however it has gotten to the point where people don’t care about the material or stitching of a shirt as long as it is from Abercrombie & Fitch, or Calvin Klein, and people don’t care about which lap top includes better features, is faster, easier to use, or lasts longer as long as it is a MacBook. In other words people don’t buy things for the quality anymore, it is all about the brands. This part of globalization basically made brands that sell their products, not for the better product, but for an idea and to make their brand name a lifestyle for many, and this idea spread across the globe until more and more use this mental strategy. Trade is one of the biggest parts of how globalization began and grew. Trade however also has a lot to do with