Branding, Mktg, Fashion And Sust

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Branding, mktg, fashion & sust.
Mid-term: Mini cases
Final: Articles

Show you how the classic approach of mktg is impacted by sust. And how we’ll have a new development of sust. mktg. in order to follow this approach we’ll see diff aspects. Consumer behavior, strategies, mktg mix, mktg transformation.

How they produce the products – material.
How is ______________ developing their sustainability?

LOHAS = Lifestyle of Health And Sustainability
People ready to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and pay more for “greener” products.

British Petroleum:
Logo changed and their perception. Now, they’re investing in many new energies so their new logo (sunflower) is related to energy and to fuel. Not only was the logo modified but the whole brand.


They have all their products logos in their own logo.
Average increase of life expectancy: Over 100 years Average rate is +6 months/4 years.

Nano-technology (technologies using elements that are 10-9 meter) used in order to develop a green product?
Waterproof clothes. Now, with nanotechnologies developed products where it’s waterproof using physical properties of a Nufar flower (the flower floating on lakes).
Perfumes/Deodorant’s that last more than 24h, particles are capsuled and they will open after a certain # of hours. Some open this hour, some in 1h, some in 3h...
Drugstore: Instead of taking a medication 1 time/day, you take it 1/week and the particles work the same way as in the new developed perfumes.
A man with an artificial heart, operated 5 months ago, living with it now. Made with nano-tech.

Bio-mimicry: Tech transferred for the studies of the nature
Carbon products with nanotech

Companies have already been affected by climate change?
Air-conditioning companies: Affected in 2 ways. More installation of them and at the same time…
Windows: 1 layer, then 2, now buildings have 3 layers of windows.

Dimensions of Macro-Mktg
1. Production oriented
2. Need and wants
3. Social & Ecological problems

More and more of the 3rd today!
Mktg strategy of becoming greener
One year: $480 Billion revenue
Worldwide employees: 2.2 Million
Mktg strategy: Measuring aspects to prove that they have made huge “green” efforts

HP: Decrease of consumption of energy in their products & within the company. Reason for reduction of electricity in computers = the fan.


Has the most important # of suppliers in the world. Have developed relation in order to keep track on the origin of their products etc.

Toyota launched the first Lexus:
Had an average image in terms of mktg. An excellent reputation of solidity and less cost of maintenance. They wanted to sell a product in direct competition with Mercedes at that time. Hired 600 Japanese students as interns studying in the US, financed their studies to become Au-pair to families who had Mercedes, during 1 year, each week send a report about all the positive elements to why they were using the Mercedes and the negative elements of their car. After 2 years, they combined the data and designed the first Lexus (wasn’t a brand then it was only a car). Journalists saw this, thought it was a joke but it was a success. Specifically designed for families who were driving E-class and ready to change for another model.  Extended the name to a independent brand from Toyota.
Oriented the mktg to a specific potential of users. First ones to sell hybrid cars in the US. Read the book about this!

Production of a Prius today? 1 per minute!

1. Societal marketing
Gym card Luxury products Immediate satisfaction Low High

consumer benefit Low

Not working properly Coca Cola
Unsafe Cigarettes
Chinese low quality product
Danone exporting powder milk bcs their ppl aren’t confident with their own shops.

Marionaud (perfumes, make-up)
20% discount if you hand in a empty bottle.

Car strategy in Switzerland:
Instead of