Brand Foods Persuasive Speech

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What if you reduced your entire world to 100 miles? A distance which takes around two hours to drive, most people would be scared to death just thinking about this confinement. However, people all over the world hoping to make their footprint on the earth a little bit smaller have committed to eating only from the span of 100 miles.

No more chocolate. Say goodbye to your classic Caramel Macchiato at your local Starbucks. No more pasta from somewhere in Italy. Can you imagine a life where you sacrifice name brand foods? Would you also be willing to sacrifice the guilt, unneeded sugars, and mass-produced mixes that you are straining your body with? It would be horrible to not make animals suffer cruel lives only to be awaited by a sharpened blade, right? Wrong.
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It is not a red cape that flows behind you as you make your way but instead a legacy of doing what is right.

You must realize that the food you are putting into yourself is not that of fuel but love. Each pair of hands (but also hooves and chicken feet) that is working to contribute to the food on your plate deserves praise. No matter if they are biologically different. Do they not have minds that can distinguish between pain and happiness just as we do?

Geographically, it can be difficult to carry out this diet. For those who live internationally in places such as China, you may be faced with limited options and ultimately use it as an excuse not to even try out this way of life. When tasked with the opportunity to order groceries there is beef from Australia, cheese from Italy, and your favorite yoghurt from America. How can you toss these foods that bring you so much comfort to replace a sustainable diet? Follow the following steps:

1. Scan the area for small food stands that you can trust
2. Know your farmer (although you may not speak Chinese, be sure that they are