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Assignment #2
Memory and Cognitive Biases

Advertising is one of the most amazing forms of art there is; it is able to capture emotions in a very unique and creative way, therefore generating a tangible result. Advertisements are able to bring consumers into stores to purchase goods; they also create a massive presence of individual brands worldwide. These brands are often more popular then the actual product itself, and they have developed a cult of followers that will buy products just because of the name of the brand. When one takes Apple into consideration, many users of Apple products have been using those products since the first model has arrived. So although there are more innovative products in the market, offered at a cheaper price than that of Apple. Yet consumers remain loyal to the Apple product line. There have been may more iconic brands that have made an impact on the world, personally my favorite has been Coca-Cola, and their polar bear.
Coca-Cola is a company that as been very successful for a long period of time, they really separate the good companies from the great corporations. Every time I see the red background, and white cursive it immediately takes me back to the first time I fell in love with Coca-Cola. As I remember Santa Clause was in an ad with them, when I saw Santa drinking it, I had to have some as well. The advertisement made we want to belong to the brand, be associated with it by any means necessary. So I would ask my mom to grab some coke each and every time she went to store because I wanted to drink what Santa drinks. Overall I think that the Coca-Cola brand has done a great job at evoking emotions from multiple people. When looking at the other advertisement they use, the polar bear, I immediately associate any polar bear to the Coca-Cola brand, and the fact that it is ice cold and delicious.
The polar bears have both positive attributes to them and negative. Positively everyone worldwide associates polar bears with coca cola, it is a great marketing tool, and exceptional way to introduce Coca-Cola to audiences