Essay about Brand analysis of Jo Malone

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Brand Analysis
Jo Malone



1. Background 3
2. SWOT Anaylsis 4
2.1 Strength 4
2.2 Weakness 4
2.3 Opportunities 5
2.4 Threats 5
3. Recommendations 6
4. Conclusion 7
5. References 8

1. Background Jo Malone is an international brand which was established in United Kingdom by Jo Malone in 1994, then it was acquired by Estée Lauder in 1999(Jo Malone 2014). This brand has a series of products, such as scents, body care products and home supplies (ibid). Its products are extracted from natural materials with pure flavor; so it is always pursued by many stars and upper class (Jo Malone 2013). Jo Malone allows consumers to tailor their own
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Therefore, providing the bath products to these hotels is able to increase the sales effectively.

Finally, male customers are hardly to find a specific product for themselves due to Jo Malone products are classified by ingredients and smells only. According to the SWOT analysis of men’s market, launching a specialized series of product for men is a feasible recommendation.

4. Conclusion
In conclusion, this report analyzed the market environment of Jo Malone, and three recommendations were proposed for this brand based on the SWOT analysis. There is a great potential market for Jo Malone to expand. Furthermore, utilizing effective marketing strategies would help to promote the brand better, occupy more market share and strengthen its brand recognition.

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