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Pretend that your group is speaking at an event about a particular brand (it could be to the company that produces this brand, to a group at a brand convention whatever). Take one brand for any consumer product or products and perform a 10­15 minute group presentation that addresses the following issues: ● What is the physical product (or products) that this brand sells?
○ HP World in Universal, Books, Merch, Pottermore, Costumes, a lifestyle ­ MF
■ Movies ­ Box office revenue ­ PC
● What is the “meaning” of this brand? (Or, what is actually being sold, here?)
○ a magical world through which people can escape to a place of good ultimately triumphing over evil ­ MF
○ No matter where you come from, even if you are not like everyone else, it’s okay, because there is a place for you, with all the other misfits/people just like you.
Everyone belongs to someone/something/somewhere. ­ PC
○ Friendship, loyalty, love ­ LK
○ Displays the both the troubles and excitement of growing up in a magical world through which its readers can not only escape to but relate to as well. Shows that friendship and love conquer all encompasses many other morals and values ­ NV
○ SCRIPT: The brand of Harry Potter, HP, The Boy Who Lived will forever transcend every expectation. This brand’s true meaning is to describe and create a magical world through which people can escape to a place of good ultimately triumphing over evil. It’s a matter of inclusion as well. I think that Harry Potter allows a reader or fan or even the ordinary human consuming the brand to believe that no matter where you come from, even if you are not like everyone else, it’s okay. There is a place for everyone in the world, with all the other misfits/people like you. I think we see this perfectly through the friendship formed by Harry,
Ron, and Hermione. Harry is an orphan, but is also heir to a load of money; Ron has a full family, but is not the wealthiest and goes slightly unseen within the family dynamic; Hermione is an only child, but more importantly she is an anomoly ­ she is a human who can practice magic. This idea of friendship allows for loyalty ­ another facet of this brand to be prominent and understanding.

● What sort of life or lifestyle is included?
○ all demographics ­ poor, wealthy, adopted, different races (black, asian, white ­ irish and british) is anyone from a single parent household? ­ MF
○ Different class systems: Muggles, half­bloods, pure blood, i.e., poor, middle class, wealthy (save Weasleys). ­ PC

○ Different houses that relate to personal characteristics: Gryffindor (bravery),
Ravenclaw (intelligence), Hufflepuff (loyalty), and Slytherin (cunning) ­ NV
● Who is the target demographic of this brand (don’t say “everyone” brands are specifically targeted, even if everyone buys them)?
○ I mean first book came out in 99 right? we were 6 at the time… I think the core target demographic would be 6­18 ­ late childhood to almost all of adolescence ­ makes sense because we also grew up with the characters and I think that is an important aspect to the brand… we watch them grow up and we grew up with them ­ MF
○ I think the demographic could quite literally be anyone who has enough interest and imagination to follow each other and this teenage boy into a world of magic. I mean my mom read these books with me and it was something that we were, personally, able to bond over. But the main demographic was definitely those who
I think are in the school system or being faced with education. It really buffers the awkwardness of growing up around others who are going through much of the same things. Going to public school for the first time, taking exams, school sports, etc. ○ HP is very much a coming of age tale, so I think that the target would be anywhere from 10 to 18. It has a larger message and a moral theme, and I think it’s meant to spark the imaginations of