Branding: Love and Ebony Daniels Ms. Tabb Essay example

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Ebony Daniels
Self-Branding Project

Watieria Daniels she is my sister, Watieria have known me all of her life she is one out of two sister that I have Watieria say that I have an outgoing personality and will be a great model but I have anger issue. Watiera think that I should work on becoming more patients with time and people.
Annie Robinson she is my mother, Ms. Robinson has known me all my life she feel as though I need to work on my attitude. Ms. Robinson said that I am a wonderful and she fee that I will complete my entire goal in life if I keep my mind to it
.Lamar Turner he is my boyfriend he has known me for 3 and a half years Lamar think highly of me and think I am that I am the best to hang around with and I have a great personality. Lamar also said that I am very controlling, everything have to go my way or no one will be happy especially him, Lamar said that as long as I keep a strong head there nothing that can take me down. Jaynea Milhouse she is my friend she has known me for ten year that’s my we are the best of friends Jaynea really do not like that I let people ruing my day if someone say something wrong or do something I get very upset and Jaynea feel that I should not let people bring me down. Jaynea loves that fact that I am a true friend I am caring and I am always looking out for other people. Loretta Gilbert she is my oldest sister she has known me all my life Loretta loves that I am her little sister but she feel as though little sister can be a hand full and be boss and get away with a lot of stuff. Loretta like the fact that I am in school and trying to be a successful black women in life. Loretta hope that I find it myself to be more than I can be. Willie Cargill he is my friend he have known me for five year Willie say that I give up to easily and I let people still my joy away from me Willie has a problem with that a lot he