Branding Essay

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Evaluate 6.1, Branding

Dennis McKeon

Southern New Hampshire University


This document will discuss the marketing theorem: Successful brands are built on successful products.

I agree with the theorem that successful brands are built on successful products entirely for some product categories but partially for others. Products which meet a genuine customer need can become successful brands with minimal marketing effort by merely having a solid product that meets a need. Products which fulfill a desire must work on their branding in order to become successful
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These are the brands The Nielsen Company recently identified as ones the consumer would purchase if money were no object. The survey consisted of 25,000 consumers in 48 countries. Some of these brands work at integral marketing by advertising through channels other than print, television and radio such as sponsoring charities. For example, Gucci opened a new store in New York in 2008 and simultaneously launched a new handbag called “Gucci Loves New York”. As part of its launch campaign proceeds from this bag were donated to The Playground Partners Central Park Improvement Program. The product sold out within two days of the new stores opening. (Ruiz 2008)

Many companies appear fixated on branding rather than developing successful products because branding works at making them money. Branding is an art and science which caters to consumers emotions. Even if I am not selling a successful product I can brand products repeatedly and repeatedly collect revenue. An example of this could be the Microsoft Corporation who launched a campaign for a product leaving the public with high expectations. The company spent half a billion dollars on marketing the product and in 2007 Microsoft launched Windows Vista as its newest operating system. The software had numerous compatibility and performance issues and ended up being a failure. Their chief competitor Apple took full advantage of this event to recruit the disappointed customers and