Examples Of Crossfit

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week one:
I did good in my work out for crossfit i really pushed myself. and i had some good time thinking about my health and fitness when i was walking my dogs

Week two:
This week was a little lazy didn't really try on my wods i just didn't feel motivated to do it and i did not run this week i was to lazy.

Week three:
I added push ups to my plan this week and i did 100 on the days i did not do crossfit and i went hard for my wods. i did not go running again because i again i got lazy

Week four:
I did my push ups and i got a new bench max of 140 i felt really good and i ddi great on the wod we did go the best score in my class.I am going to take off running from my plan because i feel like i will just not do it,

Week five
I got a new squat max! i got 195 it took some tries to get it but i got it and it was awesome. and my are are getting really sore by these push ups but i like the feeling.

Week six we planned our goals in crossfit of what we wanna succeed doing in this class and we made our wod for the class games wods and i did fran this week and i went really hard and go an all time best score of 6:1.

Week seven we had started our class games game wods and my class sucks and i feel like i am the only one trying but i am getting some really good works in and i can feel myself getting stronger

Week eight my class again we got second to last on the class wod and its getting me mad because no one is trying except for me. I also started creatine this week so that will help my goal.

week nine we finished the game wods and our class ended second to last in the rankings but i did really good overall. i also got a new max for bench,squat and power clean