Brandon King The American Dream Analysis

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The “American Dream” is a lifestyle that many people strive to achieve and emulate. Due to the problematic effects the income gap has caused in the economy many liberals and economists believe the “American Dream” is unattainable; however, income inequality actually helps people acquire the “American Dream”. Brandon King believes that the
“American Dream” is still alive. King assesses that people think that the “American Dream” is just transitioning from rags to riches, but that is not true. He states that living in stability is actually what would be acquiring the dream. King furthers this explanation by proposing many people’s theorem that income inequality makes the dream even harder to achieve, and attending to his own belief that income inequality actually aids one in obtaining the dream. Furthermore, King defines that in order to reach the “American Dream”, it solely would depend on what one considers to be “successful” and
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King expresses a sort of gratitude towards the negative connotation of income inequality by quoting credible sources. King quotes both Robert Reich and Paul Krugman, economists against income inequality. Doing this King provides himself with credibility by introducing two oppositions, then attacking it yet again with his personal views. Another effective example King used was “Providing money to businesses may encourage them to hire more people, thereby increasing job opportunities “ . King created a logical argument for income inequality by discussing the actual importance of the idea of income inequality. If the wealthier people keeps getting wealthier, which would be considered the top of the income ladder, it is very likely they would need more workers to make their franchise or company more successful (613). Therefore, King successfully produced another prevalent example to encourage income