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“Three Spheres”

Brandon Rantisi
Ms. Kuy Have you ever thought about your memories of the past? In the story “Three Spheres”,
Lauren Slater is talking about depression and how Lauren the author, goes to a hospital and meets a patient. “Mixed Blood Stew”, is talking about a racism, slavery, and judgment. Both stories examine the similarities people go through. Think as yourself fighting to get away from the past and read “Mixed Blood Stew” a story that makes you think of the past immediately by the way it was written.. “Three Spheres”, by Lauren Slater is better because the idea of someone who once in a mental hospital is now a psychologist is something to be applauded. Slater gave a really good image of her walking back through the mental hospital Mount Vernon. “I’ve been in the room,too,probably hundreds of times over the years, meeting with the psychiatrists who tries to treat me. I shiver with a memory”. As mentioned, I also found it really interesting that slater is there to treat Ms. Linda Whitcomb. In Lauren’s own words “ Linda, according to her intake description is surely borderline.Such patients are described with such adjectives as ‘impulsive’

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and ’ needy’, their behaviors are usually terribly destructive, and include anorexia, Substance abuse, Self mutilation, Suicide attempts. In “Three Spheres” this psychologist is there to treat this patient with let’s far to say
“Incurable illness” that she herself has been diagnosed with and has overcome. I think it is such an inspiring thing that it would be ashamed of or embarrassed, but would be admirable. Lauren was able to in a sense ‘cure’ herself and she was able to get passed her issues to move on with her life, which she did quite successfully. You don’t see people everyday suffering with the borderline personality disorder one day working up and deciding, On page 16 “I’m done with this. I’m over it. I’m just going to be a doctor”. This textual evidence suggests she…