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Ted’s Talk: Richard Branson Life at 30000 feet

I did my assignment on Richard Branson who is a British Entrepreneur, and founder of the Virgin Brand. With over 250 companies under the title and a net worth of 7.8 billion dollars Branson has worked hard to achieve so much. Making it more amazing is that Richard has dyslexia. He finds it embarrassing that he has had to memorize and then recite word for word when talking to the public. When he was younger he did terribly on the standard IQ tests, his strengths are not in the academic world. In his youth, Richard Branson had many troubles with school, and that his headmaster predicted that he would wind up a millionaire or in jail, turns out he has done both.

Living a life only few can dream of, he has ballooned across the Atlantic, floated down the Thames River with the Sex Pistols, and has been knighted by the Queen of England. The man also owns his own island in the Caribbean. He does enjoy taking chances and living fast.

At one point in his career he made the bold move of selling the 4th largest record label in the world, Virgin Records, and put his money into airlines. He decided to put push forwards his Virgin Atlantic brand. In hindsight, what with all the new digital music nowadays, his decision looks brilliant.

Richard Bransons new dream is moving onward and upward towards space tourism. Engineered spacecraft are slated to start carrying passengers into the upper atmosphere in 2009. (After some