Brassai's Prostitute From Paris At Night

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Brassai’s Prostitute from “Paris at Night”
I interpret this photo as it is expressing a sense of loneliness and possible danger. This human standing in the picture seems to be a women due to the high heels and long coat. It appears to be a time where nobody is around, perhaps at night, and the woman is standing alone. I feel like the subject is also danger due to the title of the photograph. I see the she is facing away from the light, which you would think you would be looking or walking to the light because it would seem safer.
As I also look at the subject matter, I look at the landscape and I see stores which makes me assume it was taken in a town. While I look at the portraiture, there is one person that I see standing still looking at two stores in front of her. I still feel like
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I believe it shows danger because of the construction equipment, such as the cones, the spray paint markings, the barricades, and the stone (concrete) that is bunched up on the right hand side of the photo. There are several barricades used alone the sidewalk path hinting to the public to not walk there and be careful.
As I look at the subject matter, that construction happens often and the photographer wanted to use that as a piece of art and not take it for granted. Construction is a sense of a new beginning and a new “path”. I take it as construction was preformed because something wasn’t quite right and they needed to make it better and start fresh. To me, here is a lot that could go behind this simple photo.
I believe that the photographer definitely used scale in this photograph to emphasize what is going on in the photo. By the photographer using scale, it made me come to the conclusions I did above. I think the photographer used scale with the cones, barricades, the stones on the right hand side of the photo. These three objects really emphasizes the important steps within