Brave New World Essay

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The world we live in today has changed magnificently in the last few decades. Technology has advanced, medicine has cured people from diseases previously known to be lethal, and people are now beginning to live longer. However, these phenomenal changes come with an expensive price. Suddenly, we are running out of space in this world once thought to be a flat surface. Something known as human overpopulation, when the quantity of humans in an area exceeds the regions ability to sustain them, is beginning to occur all over the world. This has suddenly become a huge issue all over earth as food, employment, and shelter, some of humans biggest necessities, has become harder to obtain. Today, I propose a solution. Nations all over the world are having these problems. People all over the world, who live in industrialized countries, should be obligated to kill all new born baby to bring control, order, and balance into this world. With technology advancing, new problems have surfaced. More and more isolated areas, like Hollywood, California have been transformed to fit more people onto this world. The only problem is, we are slowly beginning to run out of lands to construct on. This overpopulation has not only affected us, but has also affected our environment. Forest’s have not only been destroyed, but our source of oxygen has gone down with it. In a way to bring more people into this world by creating new land for them to live on, we have sacrificed the air we need for the people already on this land to survive. Killing new borns would stop the destruction of our oxygen source, trees. Its unfortunately the only way we can bring order to this world. The worlds population number increasing has slowly become a threat to each individual in this world. If we do not put a stop to it, it will be to late. Medicine continues to further develop and cure millions of people all over the world. This sounds like an amazing thing, right? In reality, what this is doing is expanding the lives on millions of people. What this is causing is a longer life expectance. Because of a longer life expectancy all over the world, the world is becoming more and more populated because people are not dying. This is why killing babies is a good idea. By killing babies, we are placing a control on how many people can live. This helps control our expansion into places that will actually hurt us, like killing our forests. If we don’t kill our babies we will soon have no place to turn to because this work will be so overly crowed we will have to learn to stand on water. It is