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Brave New World Summary

One day John starts waiting for Helmholtz to talk to him about Lenina and his love toward her. Then the doorbell rings and when John goes to open it Lenina appears at the door. Lenina has taken a couple of soma to gather up enough courage to talk to John. When John open the door Lenina walks in and starts to express her love toward him in words first then he says that he also loves her. From hearing this she starts to try to seduce him by taking off her clothes and going to hug and kiss him. At first John becomes surprised but then he fights the urge for lust and starts to revoke against her actions. He slaps her and calls her a whore, and with every step that Lenina tries to take toward him he just starts cursing, yelling at her in Shakespeare, and hitting her. From the runs to the bathroom and locks herself in to avoid more blows. Then a call comes from the hospital saying that Linda, John’s mother, is about to die because she used soma too much. So John rushes off to the hospital. At the hospital John watches Linda die in front of his eyes. When she is dead a group of children who are at the hospital for their death conditioning (teaching the process of death), they start staring at Linda because they are curious about why she is so ugly because in their society everyone looks young even when they are about to die. John gets angry at the children and starts shouting and storms off. On the roof he sees a group of Delta clones who are receiving their soma for the day. Frustrated by his mother’s death John tries to convince them to rebel but they don’t listen so he takes the soma that is being passed out and throws it down the side of the building because of John’s actions the clones start out into a riot. Hearing this news about John, Bernard and Helmholtz rush to the site of the incident and they try to protect John from the riot. While the riot is going on the police arrive to calm the people and they bring soma with them to give to the workers, the police stabilize the rioters with vapors that disables the person hit by the vapor to move. The police arrest John, Helmholtz, and Bernard and take them to Mustapha Mond’s office.
At Mustapha Mond’s office John, Bernard, and Helmholtz are waiting until Mustapha Mond come in. When he comes in he starts talking with john about the modern world that they have formed. John says that the their modern world lack beauty, art, and good literature but Mustapha Mond says that if there was beauty, art, and good literature people wouldn’t be happy because they would see things that are better than them. Then John says that without these things humanity isn’t humanity but Mustapha Mond argues that one cannot have a stabile society with these things. Then John asks why science isn’t advancing and Mustapha Mond says that if you let science advance it will also lead to instability and that after a point you will start going backwards. Then John asks why there is no Shakespeare around and Mustapha Mond answers by saying if there was Shakespeare no one would understand it and it would cause unhappiness. John asks why they didn’t just make everyone an Alpha Plus so that everyone would be super smart and good looking and Mustapha Mond explains that they tried but the Alpha Pluses became unhappy because they were forced to do lower cast work which doesn’t require that much intelligence and so they revolted. Then Mustapha Mond says that Helmholtz and Bernard are going to be sent to an island and Bernard starts to freak out so Mustapha Mond has him sent out. Then…