Brave New World and Clones Essay

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Mr. Dalzell
Honors Church History 11.1
4 June 2013

Brave New World Project #6

In the novel, Brave New World, many ethical issues on science and technology along with their limits are questioned. Now a days, with the increasing amount of intelligence with technology, certain limits in science are being broken, but, ethical issues are also being raised with these improvements in science as well. In the novel, it opens up with a group of boys in a cloning factory in London. They learn that there are 5 sets of clones being made. The first one is Alpha which is the top dog, they are meant to be the leaders of the country. Each of the 4 sets after them are slightly less smart. The lowest set of clones is the Epsilon's. They are destine to do degrading, easy work. This is done by depriving these clones of oxygen. Engineering is also used in this process for clones that are destine for tropical climates, so that they are capable of surviving. Next, these boys are brought to a nursery area where a group of Delta clones were being “reprogrammed” to not like books or flowers. Also, he explains that they are taught, by putting the older clones to sleep and have someone whisper a lesson to them in their sleep. Currently I just pressed upon a bunch of science and technology which was used to create a “perfect clone” in the eyes of the maker. He uses the technology available to him to make sure certain sets of clones don't like books or flowers. Also, he uses other scientific technology to make other sets of clones better and more fit to survive than the others. This issues are very controversial. Also, the Vatican came to a council to go over all these
Carusillo 2 reproduction issue, and created a 40 page document on these issues called,”Instructions on Respect for Human life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation.” The main message of this 40 page document is that it opposes all technologies that can affect the natural process of human reproduction. Also, it specifically condemns in vitro, which is conception of the sperm and the egg outside of the human body. Also, the Catholic Church claims that human life begins at the moment of conception, and from there on, the embryo and so on, must be treated as a human, with rights, and the right to life. “Brave New World,” goes against the claims that the church has on cloning. In the novel, many clones are made on the basis to do a certain job. However, as Catholics, we believe we are a special gift from God, made different from anyone