Brave New World Research Paper

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley shows how scientific advances could and have destroyed human values. Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1932, and most of the technologies he examines in the book have, to some extent, turned into realities. He expresses the concern that society has been neglecting human-being distinction in the progression of worshipping technology. In the story there are no mothers or fathers and people are produced on a meeting line where they are classified before birth. They also use a drug called, soma, to control themselves which illustrate the lack of personal freedom. Everyone in the state world do whatever they were taught since they were growing. For example, one of the tasks they give people is sexuality which is …show more content…
In the essay, China is used as an example of Huxley's predictions; being a communist and over-populated country. It also talks about the use of a drug called "soma" in the novel. Soma makes them feel better so they would have a positive attitude towards those who supply such happiness. Soma is described in the essay as "the perfect tool of the dictator", since it creates a passive and conformist society; in other words, easier to control. As the essay estates, soma becomes the perfect escape from reality and allows for the happiness to be shared among friends.

Finally, the novel shows how human values have been taken away from the people. There are no values in the state world. At the beginning of chapter 17, there is a conversation between the Savage and the Controller; "Art, science-you seen to have paid a fairly high price for your happiness," said the Savage, when they were alone. "Anything else?"; "Well, religion, of course," replied the Controller. In his essay: BNW: The Cost of Stability 1998, Jr. Gehlhaus reviews the ways in which the novel Brave New World shows a loss of human values and how it has developed in society today. He talks about the cost of stability in the state world, and how in this "utopian world" that Huxley creates, the dehumanizing of man, is being achieved. He mentions values people have to sacrifice to be happily stable according to the government. Gehlhaus talks about the loss of