Bravery in the Hardest Places Essay

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Bravery in the Hardest Places True bravery is doing something that takes courage, risk, and selflessness. This word, brave, took on the theme in the film Life Is Beautiful (1997), directed by Roberto Benigni. Throughout the movie this theme was consistently seen, especially since it symbolized the main event of the time period: the Holocaust. Through the struggles of this historic event the true definition of bravery was illuminated. In this movie many different characters, such as Dora and Guido, displayed an ample sum of bravery. The first character that showed bravery was Dora. At the beginning of the film, she was trapped in a relationship with a man that she did not love, and was surrounded by people who were not like her. When a Jew named Guido appeared in her life, she realized that there was another choice. She did not have to marry a man that she did not love; she could be with people who were like her. Dora had the option to follow her heart rather than listen to what her parents wanted for her. She bravely left the safety of her life to be with Guido, her true love, and she became far happier in life. Fast forward a few years, and Dora was married to Guido and together they had a son named Giosue. After having returned home from work one day with her mother, Dora discovered that the Germans had come and taken Guido and Giosue. She went to the train station where they had been taken; be eventually brought to a concentration camp. Out of bravery, Dora demanded that the train be stopped so that she could join the Jews that were aboard and that way she could go with her husband and son. She would rather face death than live the rest of her life without Guido and Giosue. A second brave character was Guido. Since he was a Jew in the era of the Holocaust, he was in constant danger of being sent to a concentration camp. When he eventually was taken to a concentration camp with his son, Giosue, it was his turn to be brave. Throughout his time in the camp, he created an entire game to convince his son that they were there to win a tank instead of telling him the real reason why they were there. Time and time again he risked his own life and other’s to ensure that his son would not discover the true purpose of