Essay on Bravery in a Wheelchair

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Bravery in a wheelchair When we see a disabled person we all have different emotions. Nancy Mairs, Disability, who is credited for being the mentor of the text, asks people what they feel when they see a stranger having some kind of disability? Seeing a person with any kind of disability can be sad at times but I see it as bravery. In a society like ours, where everybody has to be a certain way in order to fit in, it’s very hard for someone to go and do as they wish, when being different.
We are just humans; we can’t control our own faith. We don’t know if we might get into an accident the next time we step out of our house. You can be the richest, most perfect person out their but you never know when you might get injured and end up in a wheelchair or disabled for life. I remember being twelve years old living in Jacksonville, Fl. I met a girl who was in her junior year of high school; she would always come and help with homework. She used to be an amazing swimmer best of the best, she traveled a lot competing worldwide and often ended up in the top 3, her dream was to join the Olympics as soon as she got out of high school. Unfortunately as faith may have it, she was in a terrible car accident. She barely survived, that night she lost both of her legs. She told me that when she went back to school things were different for her. People did not see her the same way; her coaches could not do anything for her, her swimming dream was over. But she never gave up she wanted