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2600 B.C.
Maya civilization begins.
The Maya city of Tikal becomes the first great Maya city, as citizens from Teotihuacan make their way to Tikal, introducing new ideas involving weaponry, captives, ritual practices and human sacrifice.
The Spanish first arrive on the shores of Yucatan under Hernandez de Cordoba, who later dies of wounds received in battle against the Maya. The arrival of the Spanish ushers in Old World diseases unknown among the Maya, including smallpox, influenza and measles. Within a century, 90 per cent of Mesoamerica's native populations will be killed off.
The Spanish are finally able to subdue the Maya and put an end to Maya resistance. Revolt continues, however, to plague the Spaniards off and on for the rest of the century.
Mexico becomes independent from Spain. In general, life becomes more tolerable for the Maya than it had been under Spanish rule.

Yik'in Chan K'awiil was one of Tikal's most successful and expansionary rulers. He was born in 734 and died in 766. During his reign, building works were started at Tikal, with a number of the site's still-standing with structures built under his direction. Before advances in the decoding of the Maya script, this ruler was also known to researchers as Tikal Ruler B. Yik'in K'awiil conquered Calakmul in 736 and two other Calakmul allies in 743 and 744. His wife was a princess of Lakamha; her personal name is unknown, but her formal name was Lady Yax Ahau Xoc. It is unknown exactly where his tomb lies, but there are