My Niece Breann A Personal Note For Different Strengths

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I have decided to utilize my niece Breanna for this particular assignment. She is 14 almost 15 and will be starting 8th grade in the fall. She has many strengths from sports to education. Her biggest weakness being that she spreads herself a little too thin. She has so many varied interests that she has a hard time choosing what she truly wants to do. She is involved in drama and sports, but loves to read. In her spare time she enjoys babysitting my three year old, Morgan. She has a sarcastic sense of humor (she gets it honest), and definitely a people pleaser. She gets above average grades, but could still do better if she really applies herself. She was also in band for several years, as well as a cheerleader. She lost her place in the squad when her mom made the decision to move her to Seymour, and sure enough she was right back with her grandma before she was gone a month. She puts on a good show, but I suspect she has a lot of insecurities she keeps hidden. She also has the good (or bad) luck to look more like a 20 year old. Because of the way she is built, she is constantly worrying about her weight already. I have yet to find a way to explain to her that she is very healthy and normal for her body type. I have often asked myself, “How do you tell a 5’, 140lb teenager with DD’s that she is not fat and still be tasteful about it?” Thankfully though, that has not been a real issue as she hasn’t really had a boyfriend, yet. Unfortunately I believe this to be the product of her life prior to her dad getting remarried. Her parents were married and divorced twice now and she never really had a normal family life up until now. She was constantly moving and bouncing from place to place on whatever whim her mother decided to follow, or as was the case most of the time, a man. Her earlier years, I cannot even imagine how she came to be as normal as she is. Sadly, Breanna’s life could have very easily been part of The Jerry Springer Show. To put her life into perspective, her mom went from her dad, to her uncle’s fiancé, to her dad’s cousin, got married and pregnant(so she has a cousin/half-sister), divorced him and remarried her dad Jack Jr. Once