Bread,Fat,Sugar Essay

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Lorraine Goode
HE 111 Bread, Fat, and Sugar
Three nutrient-rich parts: the bran (the outer layers), the germ (the innermost area) and the endosperm (the starchy part in between). Whole wheat is processed to include all three nutritious parts, but white flour uses only the endosperm. Comparing wheat bread to white bread, wheat is much higher in fiber, vitamins B6 and E, magnesium, zinc, folic acid and chromium. But is that enough? Studies show whole wheat is the ultimate best above them all. The most healthful breads contains chunks of grain chunks still intact, making the simple change to whole wheat bread can be as simple as looking at the nutritional label making sure it say 100% wheat. By making the change you are improving your diet.
Secondly is saturate fat the death sentence that most people think it is? Saturated fat is the type of fat that dominates in animal food such as eggs, cream, meat and cheese and is also abundant in palm and coconut oil. Today many of our researchers consider too much saturated fat to be dangerous to our arteries as are greasy food leftovers for the drains of our kitchen sink. Nutrition experts with the American Heart Association say “the answer is the same as it has been for decades – saturated fats can be harmful and should be limited in an overall healthy diet.” The idea that we should limit saturated fat and not eliminate.
Sugar consumption is linked to again weight. Simple sugars tend to be more concentrated in foods, meaning…