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Class divided paper

I found “Class Divided” extremely interesting. Honestly, I got a little teary eyed while watching it. I immediately noticed that the teacher used experimental lab research on the students. It was in a controlled environment, (the classroom being the lab). The independent variable is the students used in the experiment and the collars that are put on the students. The students stay the same, making them a constant of sorts. The dependent variable is the treatment of the students. The way the students are treated DEPENDS on whether or not they possess the collars. I feel like if this experiment were to be conducted outside of some sort of institution, it would be near impossible because of how disorganized it would be. I do believe that if this experiment were to be done in this day in age… in the exact same way, the results would be different. Now, of course it depends on the area you live in, and the way you were raised, but racism is dying. I think that doing something with gay rights might be a bit more beneficial, seeing as how that’s the type of discrimination America is dealing with right now. Everyone knows being racist is wrong. The people who are still stuck in their ways know it’s wrong, but just don’t seem to care. Also, with the attitude of most of todays’ youth, I’m not so sure the experiment would be taken seriously. Kids would take it as a joke therefor, the results would be a bit compromised.
I was however, extremely impressed with the information gathered from this research and the lasting effects the experiment had on these children. Yes, one of the big conclusions that were gathered during research was that people tend to discriminate without asking questions. They just act as a heard of sheep, following where they are lead, and too scared to act out against the wolf/leader. This goes for both sides, the