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Walter White played by Bryan Cranston from the TV series “Breaking Bad” is a superb actor from the beginning of the series till the end. The show has numerous nominations and wins for every category within TV Emmy’s. I recently discovered this show during the winter break, and became instantaneously addicted when my best friend recommended it. There hasn’t been another show that has such authenticity to it in my opinion. It’s a very realistic story and Bryan Cranston makes it come to life with his clutch-like acting. Bryan Cranston isn’t a young flashy actor that most people get attached to but he speaks to you in a different way. He makes you want to root for the underdog, which is him. He starts off as a passive Chemistry teacher until he receives terrible news that he has lung cancer and can’t afford to pay for his Chemo Therapy treatment. Until, he gets an idea, watching a drug heist and the money it can bring in on the local news. We see him transform from a geeky high school teacher to a cool and collective drug manufacture. He starts off as an underdog but quickly becomes the popular choice because of his “crystal blue methamphetamine” product he’s manufacturing. He wants to leave money behind for his family so they won’t be sunken in debt in the event of his death. This speaks real loud to me on many different levels because I’m a father and I’m starting to understand the urgency and sacrifices I need to make for my family. I’m not saying I’d become a drug dealer overnight, but what I am saying is that I should take the urgency and cycle it into something like school. That is how I can better my family, by making myself better for them. This is what Walter White does for his family in the show; by doing what is necessary for his family.
As much as I’d hate to admit it, I am also shy and passive so I can relate to his character in that aspect. In a way Bryan Cranston gives his audience confidence, or at least I feel that way. I thought this was particularly unique because he is that good of an actor, he has the ability to reach out to his audience in a way not many actors can. I feel that when my son or daughter comes into this world I hope I can instill confidence in him or her. When things seem shaky I hope I can keep it all under control.
This show was recommended to me at a time when I first found out that my girlfriend had gotten pregnant and I was very shocked and nervous because I didn’t know what to do or how I should react. As the show went on this character battles so many obstacles, I started realizing that my own situation wasn’t a bad one; it’s a blessing. It’s a blessing because thank god I don’t have to put my life on the line in my everyday occupation. Right now I’m a student and I need to keep my eye on the prize which is me getting my degree.
Several times on the show they refer to Bryan Cranston “breaking bad” which is when someone is good for a long period of time starts doing the wrong things and making the wrong choices. In his case I didn’t feel he was doing something bad at first. At the end of the day it wasn’t for him, it was for his family. Of course by the end of the series he wasn’t doing it for his family anymore, he was doing it because it was the only thing he was ever really good at. That is something I hope I never become which is an excellent example of being greedy. I couldn’t have seen a better example of someone caught up in their own greed. Sooner or later you have to draw the line and cut your losses and I feel Bryan Cranston does a good job in making the audience realize that.