Breaking: Debut Albums and Things Essay

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Breaking my Biggest Barrier There were a lot of things I wanted to face, but I couldn’t because I was afraid of them. Not only I was afraid of them but also, I was not confident to try and do it. I would first try a lot of different things but they would not work, I try other things as well but they would also not work. I was getting a little annoyed and frustrated because I could not do them by myself, I needed help from other people that knew how to do it. When I asked for help, lots of people came and tried to help me…they faced my fear with me, but I was still afraid to try it. Sometime people would even force me to do it because I would not do it if they just told me to do it. This was a big problem for me because I did not make a commitment to do it because for me, it was the scariest ever. The biggest thing that I wanted to face was to face my fear of throwing myself out there for gymnastics. I needed determination to face my biggest fear. This was the biggest fear of all because I was afraid that if I threw myself out there I would do something wrong and break a bone. I was finally there, ready to do it, but I could not do it, it was the scariest thing in my life, seeing the mats there and me thinking that I was going to break a bone and that the injury would be so serious that I would never be able to walk again…it was the scariest thing in the world for me. I needed help from other people. My friends at the gymnastics center helped me a lot. I had a lot of teamwork and everything and everyone were surrounding me. everyone told me that I needed to make a commitment to myself, I made it and I finally did it, I threw myself and I finally got my first front tuck. Everyone started telling me that it was beautiful and perfect, they were really proud of me and