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In the first chapter of “The Pearl” the author John Steinbeck describes one of the main characters, Juana as she struggles with the fear that her baby Coyotito may die from a scorpion bite. The characters Juana is described as willing, and determined to do anything for her family. For example, when Juana sucks the puncture wound in order to try to suck the poison out of her baby, and insists on bringing the baby to the town doctor. “The doctor,” she said. “Go get the doctor.” Even though she knows its a slim chance of the doctor doing anything, because they're poor and the doctor only helps the rich. Juana tries everything in her power to get her son into good health from praying to singing the song of healing. When the doctor finally agreed to help, Juana realized her son was getting better and didn't have any of the side effects of the scorpion bite, but when the doctor started worrying her and implying that baby Coyotito had some of the warning signs she jumped to the chance at making sure her child was 100% she didn't' want to risk the chance of anything happening even though she knew deep down he was okay. This makes me think of the time when I was 8 my mom wouldn't let me ride my bike without a helmet, arm, and leg pads so I got mad and thought she was saying that just to make me mad. So when she wasn't looking I would sneak out, and ride my bike without any pads. Once I wasn't really paying much attention to my surroundings, and so I fell and broke my arm when my mom found out I expected her to be furious at me, but she was comforting, and did everything in her power to make me as comfortable as I can be till we got the the hospital. While I was at the hospital I was kinda worried that the doctors would get…