Breaking News: John Doe's Professional Athlete

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Na na na, na na na. “Breaking news John Doe has decided to cut his college career short after an outstanding freshman year with Kentucky. He will now enter the NBA draft at the age of 18, becoming the youngest player in this upcoming draft as it stands today!” Welcome to the world of sports, welcome to the world of going broke at the age of 40. So most sports fans know how the “game” works. By game I mean every highly sought after sport in the US. High school star turns college Phenom turns professional athlete. These “professionals” and by that I certainly do not mean well-rounded, well-knowledgeable people, are making millions of dollars before almost everyone else their age is even able to pay off the thousands of dollars of debt from school. I might be coming off as a jealous and wish I coulda, shoulda, or woulda made the league type of guy right now, but I have no conflict with being a successful athlete, I have no reason to look down upon the athletic ability that these men/kids have.
Playing a lot of sports myself and having enough ability to have played college ball, I understand the dedication these sports take and hard work that is put into it, but doesn’t it seem wrong that the big names in the NBA, MLB, NFL, etc. and the standouts in college only care about making the money and living the “good” life. While almost everyone else their age is getting an education, serving their country, or bettering themselves to start a family. This is why I believe if you want to make it to the professional level as an athlete you need to earn a degree, mature as a person so you can become a suitable role model for millions, and most importantly set yourself up to succeed outside of the sport. I know this is a touchy subject and that many will say numerous things to shoot this idea down or at least argue they are ready and that they do not need these things to become a role model. Like hearing the common, would