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Breana Cooper
AP Literature and composition

Personal statement AP Literature is a course designed to improve skills in writing English, and critical reading in English. This specific course allows students to read and learn about a variety of genres and literary periods. This course interest me because I enjoy reading. I believe literature is a way that someone express their inner feeling without having to directly say them to someone. While they are doing this they are also expanding the reader’s imagination causing them to have to look deeper than just the words that are in the book or poem. In the past the way I have learned about literature is through my school. Although my school taught me about literature, I got a better understanding of literature and composition through Georgia virtual school. The things that I have read so far shows me that literature isn’t all about reading, but it’s about reading and comprehending the text that you have read. Once you comprehend the material you will have a better understanding of the story. I have many different skills but my main skills ids being able to read a text and actually understand. I gained this skill at the lowest point of my life which was my mother death. I begin to read book in order to cope with her death. I knew taking this class would strengthen my skill, because this a more advanced class. Taking this class strengthen my skills everyday as we read more advance poems and books, because it pushes me