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Number The Stars
Chapter One
Why Are You Running ? Annamarie wanted to Race Ellen for the athletic meet on Friday.Ellen was saying how she was practicing all week and won second place last week.They started to run anyways.While Annamarie's shoe laces got untied , she skirted an ederly lady in black.A woman with a carriage moved away to make space.The finish line was just ahead.Annamarie finished.Her heart skipped a beat.Ellen slowed down and stopped.A person came up and asked them , why are you running ? Annamarie politely answered.Ellen asked if Annamarie was gonna tell her mother about what just happened.Annamarie said, her mother would be upset.Kristi told both mothers when they got home about the boys.The mothers were calm.Ellen & Annamarie both promised their mothers not to talk to them again.
Chapter Two
Who Is The Man Who Rides The Past ? As the girls we're going to bed,Kristi wanted Annamarie to read her a story.Annamarie wanted to read about the little mermaid,but Kristi said no.Kristi said she wanted to hear a story about a queen/king story.As Annamarie told it,she began getting sleepy.While Annamarie was in the middle of the story,she thought about her older sister Lise.She considered one of the characters as her sister.But,suddenly she stopped.Thought about Papa & when she was seven & Papa would read her stories.Mama was there,they all smiled as a happy family.Annamarie continued the story.She finished at once,she hugged her sister & left.Kristi sucking on her thumb,she was fast asleep.
Chapter Three
Where Is Mrs.Hitch ? Annamarie and Ellen walked to school together and back home,as usual.They took the long way.Kristi was behind them.But,they always paided attention to her.The two mothers had their "coffee" together every afternoon.The winter was coming,no one had heat,but the Johansens had opened the old chimney and installed a little stove to use for heat when they could find coal to burn.Mama used it too.Sometimes.It was the next morning.It was time for school,Mama was sharing stories about the girls when they we're babies.Kristi laughing,Annamarie too.Mama said " Time to leave for school girls."Mama knelt and kissed both on the cheek.Kristi's jacket button broke.They had to take her to Mrs.Hitch.While they we're there,Annamarie saw it was closed,the words we're in french.So they couldn't read it.They came home and told Mama.Mama was puzzled.
Chapter Four
It Will Be A Long Night. Mama and Kristi we're shopping,Annamarie and Ellen we're playing with paper dolls,While Ellen was moving her doll across the rug,Annamarie was saying how she was a talented preformer,and how she was in so many school plays and she was the lead.Kristi stomped in,her face…