Breast Cancer Essay

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Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a disease that is becoming more and more popular in this day of age. One in every eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer (Breast Cancer, 2010). Women and men who suffer from breast cancer not only are fighting cancer but are also fighting the psychological aspects of the disease. Breast Cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer among women in the United States right behind skin cancer. Women are now surviving breast cancer a lot more frequently because of the treatments out there to help. In 2008, the number of breast cancer survivors was 2.5 million (Breast Cancer, 2010). The numbers of survivors is an increasing state because the research and treatments are growing. There are many ways of …show more content…
They are graded by points to see the severity. Each is given three points and they can total to nine points. When a person has a total of three to five they have well-differentiated cancer which is grade one. When the score totals six to seven the cancer is moderately differentiated and is grade two. Total of eight to nine means it is poorly differentiated and is grade three. There is also a stage four cancer which is considered cancer that has metastasized to other parts of the body. Once staged, then treatment options are considered (Mahon, 2007). Treatment varies from person to person. Different options are available and one treatment may work for one individual but not the other. Surgery is the first option offered to most people who have breast cancer. This consists of removing the lump and sometimes the whole breast, and dissection of the lymph nodes (Breast Cancer, 2010). Once surgery is performed the patient may get other options whether to receive chemotherapy, radiation therapy or hormonal therapy. Radiation is the first option for treatment of breast cancer patients. Radiation is a process to remove any disease left in the breast after surgery. This reduces the reoccurrence of cancer. This process is done by placing the patient in supine position with the hand above the head. One major side effect after radiation therapy is fatigue. The process of radiation