Essay about Breastfeeding and Dr. Candice Henry

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Amy Morgan

Dr. Candice Henry

English 165_WA

16 July 2013

Infant Nutrition: Breastfeeding is the Optimal Choice

An Annotated Bibliography

Miller, Elizabeth, DDS. "Benefits of Breastfeeding." Richmond Mom. N.p., 26 Feb. 2013. Web. 16 July 2013. Miller discusses the overall benefits of breastfeeding and specifically takes note of why breastfeeding and oral health are positively correlated. From the different mechanical requirements of a baby’s suck while breastfeeding and bottle feeding to jaw growth patterns, Miller makes significant note of why breastfeeding leads to better oral health as baby grows.
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Riordan, Janice M. "The Cost of Not Breastfeeding: A Commentary." International Lactation Consultant Association, 23 July 1993. Web. 16 July 2003. <>. Riordan discusses the actual costs associated with diseases babies develop as a result of not being breastfed. She also notes the actual savings that would occur in the United States if babies did not have to be treated to health problems such as immune disorders, acute otitis media, etc. Most importantly, she compares the sheer cost of breast milk and formula.
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Linda Palmer, DC writes that breastfeeding is more than nursing. Nursing is a bonding experience. She details the psychological benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and mother.
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