Essay about Breastfeeding and Practical Skills

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Baby Friendly Initiative

Two-day Course in Breastfeeding Management


This course fulfils the training requirements of the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative and provides appropriate updating for PREP requirements

Please note that there is pre-course work to be completed before the course begins and certain items which you will need to have with you on Days 1 and 2


Aim of the Course

To provide participants with the knowledge and skills to enable them to implement best practice with regard to breastfeeding in their workplace, according to their role.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

1. Describe the purpose of the Baby Friendly Initiative and its importance for improving breastfeeding rates.

2. Explain the role that breastfeeding plays in improving the health of the nation.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the key differences between human milk and artificial milk and their significance for human health.

4. Describe the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, and continued (partial) breastfeeding for two years and beyond.

5. Describe the role of skin contact in the initiation and maintenance of breastfeeding.

6. Explain the importance of rooming-in, both in hospital and at home, for breastfeeding and the development of the mother-infant bond.

7. Describe the link between breastfeeding and bed sharing and identify the related contra-indications and safety issues.

8. Demonstrate an understanding of their responsibility for promoting and facilitating close mother-baby contact in the postnatal period.

9. Describe the anatomy of the breast and the physiology of lactation and their relevance for the management of breastfeeding

10. Define demand feeding and explain its importance to successful breastfeeding.

11. Recognise effective positioning and attachment and teach mothers the skills necessary for them to achieve these for themselves.

12. Describe an effective technique for hand expression of breastmilk and enable mothers to acquire this.

13. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills relevant to supporting mothers to initiate and maintain lactation when they are separated from their babies.

14. Describe the impact on lactation of supplementation, teats and dummies, and how their use can be avoided.

15. Explain the consequences of poor practice for breastfeeding.

16. Demonstrate an understanding of the main differences between the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and the current UK legislation in this area, and the relevance of the Code to their own work situation.

17. Demonstrate an understanding of the information and support required to enable women to breastfeed successfully.

(Please read before the course begins)

The course
The Baby Friendly Initiative Course in Breastfeeding Management takes place over two days. In addition to the time spent attending taught sessions, each participant is expected, in collaboration with her/his own workplace where necessary, to identify the equivalent of approximately half a day to accommodate the Practical Skills Reviews (see below). Please note that the first review should normally be completed before the course begins as the information gained will be used as a learning tool during the course. The remaining two take place after the course. Evidence of completion of the Practical Skills Reviews (PSRs) must be submitted within six weeks after the course in order for the course certificate to be issued.

Completion of all elements of the course is required before the course certificate can be awarded. Punctuality is therefore important. Participants who do not attend the whole of the three taught days and