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Tai Chi Health Benefits
Tai Chi is often described as “meditation in motion.” Furthermore, there is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. Tai Chi and QiGong’s medical benefits have been studied for more than 2,000 years in china and for about 20 years in the west. However, western medical research is rapidly discovering what Chinese medicine has long realized, that Tai Chi provides more medical benefits than any other single exercise and has prevented health problems for users in the exercise. That is why the ancient Chinese exercises are at the cutting edge of modern medical research.
We live in a stressful world caused by outside distractions, and we need to be able to relax from a fast paced-life style. From a Chinese perspective, all sickness and illness are the result of imbalances in the flow of Chi (Qi) or ‘life energy’. These imbalances, such as too much Yin or Yang, are causing stagnation, turbulence or impede the flow of Chi. Only recently, western medical research has come to recognize that stress is at the root of most health problems or disorders. Therefore, the health crisis that stress is causing in the west has actually created a great opportunity for us. It is revealing and opening us up to the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine and tools like Tai Chi and QiGong. In fact, the following list of positive measurable health benefits indicates how Tai Chi is saving us from our health care crisis and a safe way to get moving again and to regain that mobility and healthy glow. Tai Chi can heal: o Physical o Mental o Spiritual
Tai chi cultivates the health benefits beyond those who studied western medicine. Tai chi conditions the sleeve between muscles and nerves, which is also known as fascia (the films that separate the support the organs). Proper Tai Chi practice can certainly put on the demands on the body: for example sinking of the weight, over time the legs can tell the body to add more muscle and bone mass, while completing the turns of the body from the movement. While practicing Tai Chi, the movements can help from the following: o Boost the immune system o Slow the aging process o Reduce anxiety, depression, and overall body mood o Lower high blood pressure o Alleviate stress response o Enhance the body’s natural healing powers such as recovering from a long injury o Increase the breathing capacities o Help to ensure full range body mobility far into old age o Reduce allergy reations

While in conjunction with the movement abdominal breathing can help the blood flow and compressed back in though the body easier. Tai Chi exercises all the joints and major muscle groups in a slow rhythmic, mindful way, preparing the body for whatever may come in the way. The best way Tai Chi can be a benefit is when Tai Chi is practiced in the morning, Because its design to soothe rather than put stress upon the muscles so the muscles can be relaxed and it’s easier to move and concentrate on what you have to do.
There are many mental benefits for tai chi that can help lessen the occurrence though promoting focus in the movements of the form, and later, with sufficient practice