Bree Pasquale: A Short Story

Words: 331
Pages: 2

Bree Pasquale, was asked by Eric if she wanted to die. She began pleading for her life when Eric was distracted by Dylan who called him to another table when he realized the student hiding underneath it was black. Isaiah Shoels, the student was grabbed and dragged out from under the table by Dylan, as soon as he was out from under it, Eric shot and killed him. Another student Michael Kechter, whom was under the table with Shoels, was shot and killed by Dylan. Next the pair turned their attention to Lisa Kreutz, Valeen Schnurr, and Mark Kintgen, of which all three miraculously survived. Another student, Cassie Bernall, was not as lucky, she was killed with a shotgun wound to the head. When Dylan shot Cassie he broke his nose with the shotgun. During the shooting of Cassie, Dylan reportedly asked if she believed in God as she was said to be praying. She replied yes just before he pulled the trigger. …show more content…
When the student asked what Dylan and Eric were doing the reply from Dylan was simply “Oh, just killing people”. He asked if they were going to shoot him too, after a long pause he was told to leave, he quickly did so.
Eric once again turned his attention to the students hiding under the tables, he opened fire killing both Daniel Mauser and Corey DePooter. Next Lauren Townsend, John Tomlin, as well as Kelly Fleming were brutally gunned down. Austin Eubanks, Jennifer Doyle, and Nicole Nowlen were all shot and survived. A total of thirteen people laid dead, another twenty-three were injured, and in the library thirty-four managed to escape or be let free by the murdering pair.
Patti, who had locked herself inside the break room with students and library staff, overheard the two suddenly shout in unison, “One! Two! Three!” the sound of gunfire