Bree: Soul and Catholic Way Essay

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My faith has been with me since I was born and it has made me the person who I am today. Through the catholic way I have overcome many obstacles that would have dragged me down due to the fact that Jesus has given us his life so we can all do the impossible by obeying and being a good catholic today. I have learned that everything is possible and should not be taken for granted because God has a set plan for us and he isn’t going to tell us that pan because it is up to us to keep it on track or change it for the best or the worst. Many inspirational movies have been made in order to bring out the catholic faith such as Soul Surfer, Courageous, 5th Quarter, and many more to help give that message that God is good and doesn’t mean wrong when bad things happen in our lives. The Catholic way has influenced my life substantially because I for one have become the young women that my parents want me to be and there is room for improvements that God will let me know of because that is what his job is; to help us when we are in distress and to guide us onto the right path towards him. St. Vincent De Paul has taught me that even though we may appear different on the outside and the things we do it doesn’t stop from being nice and nurturing to all the people of the United States weather they are rich or poor. His teachings have inspired me to continue to help those that are less fortunate than me. It has installed in me how important it is to volunteer and spend time with others who