Breezy case Essay

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Executive Summary
This case analysis explores the possibility of Breezy, a leading supplier of carburators and air filters in North America, the possibility of developing offshore busines in countries where car manufacturing is growing. The report is structured as follows: First, there are five important questions that Breezy must consider and ask itself before developing a relationship with a new customer. After Breezy decides to go offshore, it will have to go through the negotiating process, which involves five steps. Breezy then, must have capabilities of how an offshore business is organized, consider the many different costs and risks involved in the implementation and decide how it will finance the project. The report also
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How could this initiative be financed?
There are many different ways to finance the offshore venture and implement the plan. Breezy can get a loan from financial institutions, sell shares if it is a private corporation or sell shares on the exchange market if it is a public company. Another source of fund is acquiring a loan from venture capitalists or government agencies such as Business Development Corporation (BDC).

6. What business should Breezy be in? How should it revise its corporate vision?
Considering that the North American industry is already saturated with limited scope foor expanding sales and profits have been significantly declining for Breezy, it is certain that the company's industry is in its mature phase of development.

It is time for Breezy to take advantage of its competitive advantage by exploring new markets. Breezy should be in the business of producing carburators and air filters for the future popular car in India, in addition to the North American market, however due to the changing trends in the auto industry, where fuel efficiency is going under way, Breezy will have to adapt to the new trends in order to maintain its competitive advantage. Breezy should also keep an eye on countries where car manufacturing is