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Strategic – Shelter Building Group 1
Welcome to our activity shelter building. This is Chloe our activity leader followed by Jaz, Millie and Lauren. Can you each introduce yourselfs to all of us.
The purpose of this activity is to improve your team work, communication and leadership skills.
This activity relates to the public services because these skills will be used in certain situations that the public services face in their working lives. For example members of the armed forces could find themselves in survival situations where they need to build a shelter.
Stage 1 - In this activity you will be split into 2 groups; you will have 30 minutes to build a stable shelter in which you could stay in for the night. The shelter has to be big enough for your group to stand or sit in it. You can use any natural resources and the equipment provided.
Stage - Your team will then have to go through a minefield whilst tied together without touching the cones. The team will be split in two to be tied together and with every other person blindfolded. You then have to get through the obstacle course keeping hold of the rope to follow your way around and you will not be able to start stage three until both parts of your team are through. Stage 3- The last stage will be when you make every member of your team a hot drink. This can be either tea,coffee or hot chocolate.You will be provided with a camping stove; water, milk, sugar and the different drink essentials. The first team to…