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Brett Cashner
Individual Writing Assignment
February 3, 2015

How Much Will This App Cost?

According to Emily Maltby and Angus Loten, in their article found in the Wall Street Journal, it is often the easiest to pay somebody to do all of the programming and creating of an app rather than to try to do it by one’s self. Many apps can prove to be far too intricate and complex for one person to learn how to do all of the processes needed to create them. This is why it can be much simpler and more efficient to pay one person to do all the work rather than spend countless hours trying to sort through the processes or trying to collaborate with several people in order to create the app.
When determining how much an app will cost to make there are many things that must be taken into consideration. Is this app for apple or android? How will the users log in? How will money be earned or received from the app? One website has a helpful step by step guide that takes a user through all of their desired features and gives them an estimate of the total cost. Based on the estimate determined by, the total cost of the parking app itself s about $93,900.
First, I was unaware that apps could be quite this costly to make so that really stood out to me. Also, the amount of planning that will have to go into the app itself in regards to its features will have to be quite extensive. Finally, in regards to the financial aspect of this app I believe that…