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Brewster-Seaview Landscaping Company OB Consultant Report
November 26, 2010

INTRODUCTION Brewster-Seaview is a private landscaping company that has hired the Team Green OB Consultants to analyze and provide possible solutions to their current organizational situation. Team Green has discovered various organizational problems within the company and will provide suggestions to allow the company to regain normal productivity levels and increase job satisfaction among others. In this report, we will discuss the problems and causes of such problems at Brewster-Seaview as well as strategies to improve team effectiveness and interpersonal communication. This will be followed by steps that Joe can take using the rational
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As soon as Joe as diagnosed the situation, it will allow him to list and evaluate the alternative decisions he can make, which is the fourth step in this process. By having evaluating alternative decisions, Joe always has a backup plan in case his first decision does not work out. The fifth step is selecting the best course of action. Since Joe has already listed and evaluated the alternatives, he will know which the best course of action is. The next step is for Joe to implement the decision he chose. The seventh and eight steps involve gathering feedback and the follow up. Joe must gather feedback from his workers whether or not the new changes implemented has had positive or negative effects. The follow up process will allow Joe to know if he has made the right decision. If he has made the right decision then he should follow it.

SOURCES OF POWER In this case, various sources of power (SOP) were displayed (Sniderman et al, 255). Not all of these SOP were necessary and sometimes could even have been replaced by another SOP for the benefit of the company. The SOP of the main three characters (Joe, Supervisors & the Narrator) will be discussed and what source of power would have been more beneficial. In the first summer, Joe, the CEO of Brewster-Seaview, displayed referent and reward power. Joe showed a lot of charisma, by being very active with his company and always supporting his employees. Joe also demonstrated reward power in a very slim way. “Each