Brexit: An Example Of A Conservative Party

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American economy to immigrants, which only maintains the anti-immigration attitudes of their supporters. Their message is clear: any economic downturn is in part the fault of immigrants.
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There are no set elements, terms or features that define “movements, parties, and people that are called populist”, instead it is a “politic logic”- which means it is a way of thinking about politics. It encompasses centrist, right-wing, and left-wing populist parties. Brexit was a nationwide example of a right-wing populist party movement succeeding. The event reflects a push for nationalist political ideas and has provided assistance to right-wing politics to occupy the political arena. In this essay, I will be discussing the political “right” in the context of Brexit, and the successful “leave” vote. Additionally, I will explain the reason why conservative ideas were resonant in Britain’s decision
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From the 1945 period until the 1970s, John Maynard Keynes created socialist policies for Europe after WWII, but when it starts to fail, early neoliberals start implementing policies that are against Keynesian economics which ultimately ends up replacing it. The Winter of Discontent of 1978-1979, propelled Margaret Thatcher to win the election and become the Prime Minister of the UK where she introduced her neoliberalist agenda, policies and reforms during her tenure: “she raised interest rates…removed regulations…lowered taxes…[and] privatized some government industries…” which all created a deep recession in the UK. These strict neoliberal policies did nothing but increase and worsen economic inequality among citizens. These economic inequalities from the neoliberalist era have been maintained today as the wealth gap that created a division between winners and losers from global markets is increasing.