Preserving The Underground Railroad

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Brian Baxa
Preserving The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad is an important part of history. It was made up of stations and other things that helped slaves escape from slavery to the north. I believe it is important to preserve the stations, cemeteries, and trails/paths that the slaves took on their journey. The reason it is important to preserve these things is because it is part of the history about slaves. One of the things from the Underground Railroad is the stations. The stations were houses, barns, and other buildings used to hide the slaves as they escaped to the North. The stations were part of the slave’s journey to the North. The slaves stayed at the stations during the day because they had to travel at night. The slaves would then traveled 10 to 20 miles to the next stations. About 100,000 slaves escaped the South between 1810 and 1850. So these stations are important to preserve. Some people say we shouldn’t preserve them because it will cost too much money to keep them standing and looking nice. They say that will make our community run out of money. The second important thing from the Underground Railroad is the cemeteries. The cemeteries are important because that is where they slave's and the people who helped the slaves are buried. Also in the cemeteries are probably some slave owners. There is a cemetery with slaves buried in it in Danville. The people buried in these cemeteries might be part of someone’s family. Some people don’t like the idea of preserving the cemeteries because they don’t care about the history and/or they want to build something else on that spot. The last thing I am going to mention about