Essay about Brian Mulroney tied Canada closer to the United States

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Steven. Shi
Mr. E Vanee
Social Studies 11
18 July 2014
Brian Mulroney tied Canada closer to the United States On September 17th, 1984 Martin Brian Mulroney became the 18th Prime Minister of Canada (see fig1).

Fig. 1. Brian Mulroney’s first year in office (1984), he led the first conservative majority government in 26 years.1

As the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, he developed a close relationship with U.S President Ronald Regan; both men shared a similar conservative philosophy. As Canada’s Prime Minister, Mulroney sought closer ties with the United States, on issues such as trade policies and North American Aerospace Defence Command system (NORAD). During the Mulroney era, Canada saw drastic
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However, there was no denial that by eliminating tariffs, Canada would attract more U.S. investment. This helped Canadian industry grow and benefit the whole economy. Furthermore, free trade also allowed access to the larger U.S market, which would increase Canada’s productivity and growth. During the cold war era, In order to defend North America against possible enemy attacks, Canada agreed to join the NORAD system, a joint air-defence system that would overlook soviet bombers in case of long distance attacks. On 19 March 1986, Mulroney and Regan sign the NORAD renewal agreement (see fig3);

Fig. 3. Brian Mulroney (left) discussing the agreement with Michael Wilson (right) in the PM’s office in 19858

it officially became effective on 12 may 1986. This is not only a sign of military cooperation, but at the same time it shows Canada’s commitment in supporting Unites States during the Cold War. As Canada slowing became more involved during the cold war, this was sign that Canada had slowly risen up in terms of political and military stability on an international level.9 Furthermore Mulroney and successfully pulled in United States as one of Canada’s ally years to come; Mulroney not only connect Canada and U.S through controls of economy, but his wartime actions had also proved this close tie Canada and U.S had gained during Mulroney’s time in office. In retrospect, it is indisputable Mulroney’s time as the Prime Minister of Canada had linked