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Jacob Winters

Mrs. Keiter

Spanish 1

17 September 2012 Honduras

Honduras is a country in Central America that is rarely mentioned in any worldwide matters. It is a land full or beautiful landscape like huge mountains, forests, jungles, and spotless beaches. This proposes an environment for many animals like macaws, sloths, howler monkeys and also jaguars. The Honduran people are both of African and Spanish decent. Honduras still has conflicts with neighbor countries, military rule, and also government of foreign nations. This country was also majorly targeted by banana companies who would take advantage of them.

The geographic description of Honduras is very fertile farm land and rugged mountains. This country was officially ruled by the Maya. But in the year 1502 Christopher Columbus declared it for Spain. It became a independent nation in 1821. In the year 1832 they elected a citizen ruled government. In the year 1998 hurricane Mitch struck the coast killing over 5000 people. This coursed over a billion dollars worth of damage which has devastated the country.

Fish, gold, silver, zinc, copper, lead, coal, and iron ore are some of Honduras’ many natural resources. There religions come from protestant and Roman Catholic. Men’s life expectancy is 69 years old, and the woman’s is 72. The country has a democratic constitutional republic.

One of Honduras many problems since the year 2000 is the start of the many Honduran gangs. These effect many of the Honduran youth. They then created a law banning any association with gangs. February to November in Honduras is the normal school year for Students. The total of children reaching the 5th grade is 58%. It is more important for these children to provide for their family than go to school. Five years is the average schooling for most children. There are trade schools and private schools and only one public school.

Honduras celebrates many holidays and festivals such as the Feast Day of the Virgin Suyapa, also Christmas and Easter. Also on September 15th which is the Independence Day. Basketball, baseball, and volleyball are some of the main sports in Honduras. Corn beans tamales and rice are some of the basic food items. Soda and coffee and popular drinks too.

The country exports many things like beef, fruit and palm oil. Their biggest trading partner is America Also El Salvador and Guatemala. The land covered by mountains totals 80% and some can be as tall as 9000 feet.

Honduras has only two major river systems the ulúa, and the patuca. In July 1969 there was a fierce battle between El Salvador and Honduras. This was because of illegal immigrants crossing the border. It wasn’t until later the borders were settled. In the 1980s America urged them to get a democratic election process. In 1998 Carlos fuccuse took the office as president.

The society witch these people live in is very…