Bride's Maids Movie Review Essay

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Bridesmaids is a Must See Bridesmaids is the exact opposite of a Nicholas Sparks’ movie due to the fact that it isn’t a sappy romantic movie where everything goes perfect, but is more of a comedy poking fun at all of the problems that brides can go through during the process of planning a wedding. The entire movie is based on the maid of honor who is a bakery chef that is going through some very challenging times because of the recession that has hit the economy and is asked to be her best friend’s maid of honor. Bridesmaids not only shows all of the problems that come with planning a wedding but does a good job at showing the problems the maid of honor can occur as well as everything that can go wrong if people in the bridal group do not like each other. Bridesmaids is a film that everyone must see in their lifetime because it makes the audience laugh throughout the whole movie, it is relatable to real life, and has one of the best mental breakdowns ever captured on film. Bridesmaids is not one of those comedies that only has a couple of funny lines through out the movie but is more of a comedy like The Hangover because it makes the audience laugh during the entire film. The movie does a really good job at keeping the audience laughing by making fun of every step that the bride goes through during the wedding process. The movie does this by having the bride go to the bathroom in the middle of the street while she is still wearing a wedding dress that she was trying on. Then they have the maid of honor get intoxicated on the plane ride to Vegas for the bachelorette party, which ends up having her thrown off the plane. Lastly they show this by having the maid of honor have a complete mental breakdown from all the stress that this wedding has caused her to have even though it is not even her wedding. The film also shows the struggles that the maid of honor is having in her own life such has her bakery going out of business because she opened it during the recession which lands her working at a jewelry store. Then telling us that her boyfriend dumped her when she lost her bakery and that causing her to hate her new job more because she is surrounded by love. Lastly, it shows her as a rich guy’s slampiece who won’t even call her by name and just refers to her as “fuck buddy” and she hates her self for sleeping with him but she still does it anyway because she thinks that there is a chance she could be with him.
Bridesmaids is extremely relatable to anyone that has gone through or been apart of the process when planning a wedding. It shows the entire process of planning a wedding starting with the bride picking her maid of honor and ending the movie with the actually wedding. Throughout the process it shows the struggles a bride might have by showing her trying to have a super nice dress from a famous designer but the dress ending up being completely over the top and not anything like the bride imagined. It also shows the bridal shower and all of the things that could go wrong such as people not agreeing on what the theme should be or where the bridal shower should be held at. The movie shows the complications of planning the bachelorette party and how if the wrong person plans it then it could end up being a complete disaster or the group could end up not even making it to the destination of the party. Bridesmaids also shows how difficult it is to plan the engagement party and that it is super easy for the party to get way out of hand and becoming completely over the top. The movie however takes a different approach when showing all of these things that could go wrong by showing them from the maid of honor’s point of view instead of from the bride’s point of view. By showing the movie from the maid of honor’s point of view it allowed the audience to get a little bit more laughs because they were not so struck on the fact that the bride was in love and would be getting to marry the man of her dreams.