Bridgewater Interiors Information Sharing Essay

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Methods of Sharing Information at Bridgewater Interiors
Patricia Reed
January 30, 2012
Kelli Reid

Methods of Sharing Information at Bridgewater Interiors
The way that a business shares knowledge inside the organization as well as outside of the organization is very important. Whether a business shares knowledge through traditional means, or the new boundaryless means is critical to the success of the business. What are boundaryless organizations? “Boundaryless organizations communicate mainly through email, phone and other virtual methods rather than more traditional face-to-face communication. The freedom to telecommute with international employees removes geographical barriers to productivity and allows for schedule flexibility” (Hearst Communications, 2012). This paper will discuss the ways Bridgewater Interiors effectively shares knowledge within the organizations, and outside of the organization. This paper will also discuss whether these methods of communication are effective or ineffective, how these techniques can be used in a health care organization, and the impact that technology can have on information sharing.
Bridgewater Interiors, a manufacturing company uses a variety of techniques and tools to effectively communicate with its business associates and employees. The first is daily team meetings at the beginning of every shift for all employees. The purpose of the daily team meetings is to exchange information that effects the entire facility, or sometimes the entire company. The daily team meetings also offer an open platform for the employees and management to address issues or problems within the facility or the entire company. The managers also have a daily meeting during the shift to discuss problems or issues that have come up during the shift. These issues are then written on a message board for everyone to view. This is an additional method of sharing information within the organization, and it also assists in the timely resolution of problems and issues.
Bridgewater Interiors uses information and technology methods to effectively communicate inside the organization, as well as outside the organization. Information and technology allows information to be transmitted quickly and efficiently, which makes it very beneficial to the business and adds to the success of the business. The Internet, the telephone, and email are the main methods of technology that are used by Bridgewater Interiors to exchange information between the various parties that company encounters in its business environment. The Internet and email are also the main methods used to exchange information between business associates and colleagues that are outside of the facility, as well as the exchange of information among upper and lower level management. Bridgewater Interiors has a website that has a wide range of valuable information to all of its employees, the boundaryless organizations the company encounters, and perspective clients. Email and the telephone are primarily used by management to communicate with outside organizations, and other internal business associates. All of the methods and techniques that Bridgewater Interiors uses to share information among the employees and its boundaryless clients work very well. The most effective forms of communicating internally are the daily meetings and message boards. The most effective forms of communicating with the companies boundaryless contacts is the telephone, and the Internet. The method that is chosen depends upon the need of the person that is communicating, either internally or externally with the organization. The techniques and methods used at Bridgewater Interiors could easily be applied at any a health care organizations. The daily meetings can be done at the beginning of each shift to discuss any pertinent information, and to discuss problems or issues regarding the facility or organization. If any issues or problems that come up during the day