Brief Essay About Liesel's The Book Thief

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Today I have finished reading The Book Thief . The book thief was an interesting book to comprehend. The book was filled with death,love, and bittersweet sadness. Liesel, the main character is a small child who is 9 years of age. Liesel is a very interesting girl and the Narrator was intrigued by her the first time he saw her. The first time the Narrator saw Liesel was the time Warren,her brother died on a train going to their new parents. Liesel's mother could no longer take care of them. Liesel moved in with Hans and Rosa Hubermann, her new parents. Rosa was a very uptight lady who never let her soft side show; At Least not at first. Hans was the complete opposite. Hans worked as a painter, but painters jobs were depleting fast. Hans favorite …show more content…
Hans survives, but while everyone was sleeping the Air raid hit molching. Liesel was the only survivor but her conflicting emotions regrets kissing rudy that day he saved her book from the Amper river. Rudy never asked again after that day. Later on Max and Liesel reunite and Liesel lives a long life. Liesel dies of old age and Death is haunted by humans because of what people go through and he knows the will be together again but the sorrow is too much. Liesel Meminger was a very special lady. Liesel showed Death that he has a heart too. I like the quote “ Even death has a heart” this means that he don't do this for kicks and giggles it’s his job. These quotes connect together , but they have very different meanings to me. “ My heart is so tired”a good one to. The quote really spoke to me because he's talking about how Adolf Hitler and people that exterminate humans causes his heart to always be disconsolate. Death appears to be quite human though people picture him carrying a scythe. The Book Thief was a bittersweet tragedy that changed the perception of