Brief Summary Of Hercules Weaknesses

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Hercules was born in Thebes and is the son Zeus and Alcmene. Alcmene is a mortal who Zeus tricks by turning himself into her husband. Therefore, Hercules is a demigod and with that he has many liberties. He challenges the gods and most times wins such as Apollo and the Oracle at Delphi. He also assists the gods defeat the giants with his superhuman strength. He can only be killed by magic, as he is stronger than anything else. His strength makes up for the lack of intelligence and patience. He is emotional and careless, an example is that he once got too hot and threatened to shoot an arrow at the sun. Hercules had his ability of strength since his youth. One night, two snakes attack him and his brother, Iphicles, where they were sleeping. While his brother screamed, he strangled both of the snakes. He also kills the Thespian Lion of the Cithaeron woods and takes the skin as a cloak that he always wears. But also in his youth, he illustrates a weakness that haunts him the rest of his life. He unthinkingly kills his music teacher with a lute. After conquering the Minyans, he marries the princess Megara. He has three …show more content…
Their parents despise each other and forbid their marriage, they must communicate through a crack in the wall of a building their families share. After speaking for a while, they decide to elope and agree to meet outside the city walls at a mulberry tree. Thisbe arrives there first, but must escape a lioness. While she was escaping she drops her cloak, which is found by Pyramus. He finds the cloak bloody and ripped by the lion and assumes the worst. He kills himself, covering the berries of the mulberry tree with blood, turning them red instead of their original white. Thisbe returns as she had promised, but finds Pyramus dead and she stabs herself with his sword. The berries of the mulberry tree have stayed red from then until now to cherish the horrendous end of their