Brief Summary: The Call Of The Wild

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Life will come with many problems but you just have to learn from them and persevere around them. In the Call of the Wild novel Buck comes upon many challenges like being stolen from his family. He learns that he will have to use his strength to get through all of his problems. In contrast, when my dad was in the eighth grade he got in a fight and broke his jaw in four different places. This helped him learn that he would go through pain in his life but he would just have to be strong and get through them. Buck and my father both went through some very challenging events in their life.

In the Call of the Wild Buck is taken from his true loving owner and is taught to live life in a different way. He has some obstacles he has to overcome but succeeds for the most part. After he is stolen he has to learn how to become a sled dog which is not easy for him. He isn’t used to the weather conditions so he has to do his best on becoming acquired to them. After being a
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When he was in the 8th grade he got in a fight with a junior in high school. His jaw was badly hurt and he didn’t know what was wrong with it, so he went to get x-rays. The X-rays showed that he broke his jaw in four different places. My dad loved to play basketball, but unfortunately this one event caused him to be out for the season. He also wasn’t able to eat so he would have to blend up all of his food and drink it. My dad had to gain a lot of patience because he wanted to play basketball more than anything. After all of this disgrace, my dad got stronger and was able to persevere around it.

Buck and my dad's problems were mostly different but also had some similarities. They both had to gain strength in their situations. Buck had to gain strength when he became a sled dog. My dad had to be strong when his jaw was in pain. In the end both Buck and my dad were able to persevere around the