Brief Summary: The Eulogy Of Henry Knight's Life

Words: 1693
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His chum friend Henry Knight an Anglo-Indian who was working as a train Driver in Indian railways and both my father and he enjoyed cocktail and roasted bacon at his house every Sunday. Henry was lively, honest and unreserved so everyone liked him. Henry’s grandfather was a Britisher and a Railway Track Engineer in England also known a Senior Section Engineer and came to India during 1858 when Britishers have laid down passenger railway track in North India between Allahabad and Kanpur opened in 1859 under the new Railway company Great Indian Peninsular Railway (GIPR). Henry’s grandfather looked after the installation of Railway track and monitors the Indian workers, whether they are perfectly working according to the engineering design or …show more content…
In the evening when Henry would come back from his duty, he played sound of music, especially Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again song and Rock and Roll by Elvis Presley Jailhouse rock was the best choice of that time. Henry family enjoyed evening Rock and Roll song and dance with love and happiness. The boys of the Railway colony gathered outside his house, surrounded and used to watch dance from the windows and opened door and sometime we danced together we too copied the dance of Henry with his wife. They enjoyed their life fully without taking much tension ‘’what will be happening the next day’’. Any new Hindi film which would be shown in the theatre, they were the first to get tickets and all the members would go and enjoy the film. In the Sunday congregation at the St.Cathedral Church we found them in western immaculate turnouts. They were carefree, lived life to the fullest and were helpful and most important that they were honest. They welcome us during Christmas time and share their happiness with us. The Rum cake recipe was their own and a gift of their ancestors, Aurthur told me that they mixed raisins, dates, currants, orange peels soaked with Rum into the cake thus making the cake delicious and impressively